Create and play your own online browser game

Playing online games is always fun, but sometimes you just wish that some little detail had been done differently or that you would like some part of the game to look slightly more appealing. Well, now all your wants and desires can be realised with the chance to create your own online game, with everything from game-play style to graphical set up of the world being totally customisable and up to you. With this level of game design in your hands the creative game world is your oyster, allowing you to choose how player characters look, sound and interact with each other and the game world around them.  

This fantastic opportunity to not only make your own free online game, but share it with thousands of other players and play their creations too, comes courtesy of the huge online gaming portal Bigpoint who recently launched the Gameglobe program on its site. The chance to build new games and then share them with your friends to play is one of the main attractions of Gameglobe, along with the options it gives you; whether you want to make a strategy game, action game or casual game is entirely for you to choose, along with how the game itself looks and plays.  

This online game making program is basically just a game 'construction kit' which runs through Flash, giving it the same high quality look and feel as all the other Flash games on Bigpoint. The construction kit allows players to easily assemble pre-coded and pre-made objects into a game world in a variety of ways whilst also letting them decide on how levels and missions should progress through the game-play engine. The main thing is that this online game making kit is easy to use hence its mass appeal. Developers have been coding Flash games for years, but this is not something that the average browser game player is capable of doing; having everything pre-coded in a program like this is a great idea.  

For players, apart from having the satisfaction and enjoyment of creating your own online Flash game, the social and sharing aspect of Bigpoint's Gameglobe is probably the most important feature; after all, what's the point in making something if you can't show it off to anyone! The ability to play other people's games is also a major plus point as players see how the program can be used to create many different types of games rather than just the ones that they are most used to playing.